Connecting Symphony to your Facebook
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To harness the full power of Symphony's AI, you need to connect your Facebook account. In this article, we'll explain why this is essential and how it benefits you as an artist.

Granting Permissions for Running Ads

One of the primary reasons for connecting your Facebook account to Symphony is to grant our platform the necessary permissions to run ads on your behalf. By linking your Facebook account, you enable us to access your ad accounts and pages, ensuring that your campaigns run smoothly and effectively. This connection saves you time and effort while allowing you to focus on your art.

Automated Audience Creation

Symphony's strength lies in its ability to help you reach the right people with your ads. When you connect your Facebook account, our platform can automatically create over 500 audiences for your ad campaigns. This feature is only possible with the right permissions to your Facebook login, ad accounts, and pages.

By leveraging Symphony's audience creation capabilities, you can ensure that your ads are targeted to the most relevant users. This translates to better engagement, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, more fans and followers for your music.

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