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Maximizing Pre-saves with Symphony Conversions
Maximizing Pre-saves with Symphony Conversions

Symphony Conversions + Symphony Pre-saves = Magic

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Pre-saves are an essential part of an artist's marketing strategy, allowing fans to save a track or album before its official release. Maximizing pre-saves can boost your new releases' visibility and engagement. Symphony Conversions offers a straightforward method to drive pre-saves using the "Increase Link Clicks" playbook with a specific conversion event. Here's how to get started:

1. Set Up Symphony Conversions

First, ensure that Symphony Conversions is configured for your profile:

  • Go to Symphony Conversions within the Symphony platform, under "Settings" > "Advanced Settings".

  • Follow the setup flow, including linking your Facebook Conversions API.

  • This process unlocks the automated marketing playbooks, including the one you'll use for pre-saves.

2. Select the "Increase Link Clicks" Playbook

  • Navigate to the "Increase Link Clicks" playbook within Symphony.

  • This playbook is designed to drive traffic and clicks, perfect for pre-saves.

3. Enable Conversions

  • Make sure that conversions are enabled within the playbook.

  • This allows Symphony to track specific conversion events tied to your campaign.

4. Paste the Symphony Pre-save URL

  • Find the Symphony pre-save URL for the track or album you want to promote.

  • Paste this URL into the designated field within the playbook setup.

  • This URL will guide fans directly to the pre-save page.

5. Select "Subscribe Fan Success" as the Conversion Event

  • In the playbook setup on the Account Connections step, look for the "Conversions Event".

  • Choose "Subscribe Fan Success" from the dropdown. If it's not available, "Create" the event - Symphony's pre-save is automatically configured to track this event when a fan pre-saves and Forever Saves.

    • If you are using a non-Symphony pre-save, please set this up using your preferred pre-save platform's "Presave" event. If it's not tracked by the pixel or you're unsure of the event name, please reach out to your presave provider to gather info before submitting a campaign.

  • This specific event allows Symphony to track successful pre-saves, providing you with vital insights into your campaign's performance.

6. Customize and Launch Your Campaign

  • Tailor your ad creative and messaging to resonate with your target audience.

  • Adjust budget, targeting options, and other settings as needed.

  • Launch your campaign to start driving pre-saves with Symphony Conversions.

7. Monitor and Optimize

  • Keep an eye on your campaign within Symphony.

  • Utilize the real-time data to make necessary adjustments and optimize your pre-save performance.

  • Engage with fans through Symphony's tools to build excitement for your release.


Maximizing pre-saves is now simpler than ever with Symphony Conversions. By using the "Increase Link Clicks" playbook in conjunction with the "Subscribe Fan Success" event, artists and creators can drive meaningful engagement and ensure successful pre-save campaigns. Follow these steps, and see how Symphony's powerful tools can elevate your pre-save strategy, connecting your art with fans eagerly awaiting your next release. Feel free to reach out within Symphony if you need assistance or have questions. Your success is music to our ears!

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