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Proper Facebook Account Setup

Best practices to connect your Facebook assets together within your Facebook Business Manager

Updated over a week ago

When running ads with Facebook/Instagram, there are a few different assets that are required:

  • Facebook Business Manager

    • Facebook Ad Account

    • Facebook Page

      • Instagram Page

    • Facebook Pixel (Dataset)

For the smoothest setup, it is important to have one Facebook Business Manager. Within this one business manager, you will add the rest of the Facebook assets from the above list.

Facebook has two different forms of permissions when it comes to your assets.

  1. You can be an admin of your overall Business Manager; this means that you have the ability to do everything within the business.

    1. This includes adding people to your Business Manager. This is the easiest way to share access to your assets. You are able to add individual emails, and then choose which assets you'd like to grant them access to, along with the ability to choose how much access they have.

  2. You can be an admin of an individual asset within the Business Manager, but you are not an admin of the Business manager.

This can get confusing for a couple of reasons:

  1. When you add/create new assets within your Business Manager, you need to be an admin of the account in order to do so. However, once you create/add these assets, you will need to grant yourself admin access over the individual asset.

    1. Only admins of the Business Manager are able to grant admin access to specific assets.

  2. You can be an admin of your individual assets, but if you do not have a Business Manager, then you may run into problems trying to connect with Symphony Conversions.

Everything boils down to this ideal setup:

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