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How to connect your Facebook Pixel to your Ad Account
How to connect your Facebook Pixel to your Ad Account

To track data properly, you'll need to make sure your pixel is linked to your ad account.

Updated over a week ago

To run Conversions campaigns with best practices, your Pixel and Ad Account should be linked up - it should only take 10 seconds to get this setup:

  1. Click this link to open your Facebook Pixel Settings:

    1. You may need to select your main Business on the page, before your Pixels are shown.

  2. Select your Pixel under the "Datasets" list on the left.

  3. In the middle, you'll see your pixel's name in bold. You should see a button titled “Add assets”. Click that button.

    1. If the "Add assets" button is greyed out and unable to be clicked, then you most likely don't have access to the pixel specifically. Follow these steps to gain access.

  4. You’ll see a list of your ad accounts pop up. Search for the ad account you want to use to run ads, select it, and click “Add” or “Save”.

  5. Confirm your ad accounts are connected by clicking "Connected Assets"on the same page.

  6. Go back to Symphony's Advanced Settings. Click “Verify Connection” under the Pixel to proceed.

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