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Grow Shopify Purchases with Symphony Conversions
Grow Shopify Purchases with Symphony Conversions
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Leveraging Symphony Conversions alongside Shopify can empower artists to efficiently market their merchandise, tickets, or other e-commerce offerings. By integrating the two platforms, artists can track the performance of their marketing efforts and optimize for conversions.

Integration Process:

On Shopify:

Step 1: Add a Meta Pixel to Your Shopify

The Meta pixel integrates your online store with Facebook and Instagram by Meta. This setup is crucial for Instagram Shopping or Facebook Shop.

  • Navigate to your Shopify admin.

  • Click on Settings > Apps and sales channels.

  • Select Facebook.

  • Choose Open sales channel.

  • Access Settings and then click on Data sharing settings.

  • Activate the Enable data-sharing toggle in the Customer data-sharing section.

  • Choose the desired data-sharing level: Standard, Enhanced, or Maximum.

  • Connect an existing Meta pixel by selecting it from the list or create a new one by clicking Create new.

  • After integration, use Facebook Ads Manager to verify if the Meta pixel is functioning correctly.

Note: If the Meta pixel has recently been added, you might need to await customer activity to view data in Facebook Ads Manager.

For a comprehensive guide on adding a Meta pixel to Shopify, visit Shopify's help documentation.

On Symphony:

Step 2: Setting Up Symphony Conversions:

Once your Meta pixel is integrated with Shopify:

  • Navigate back to Symphony.

  • Access Symphony Conversions through Settings > Advanced Settings.

  • Follow the provided steps to set up Symphony's AI-driven targeting, which ensures your ads resonate with your audience.

Step 3: Utilizing the "Increase Link Clicks" Playbook

With Symphony Conversions in place:

  1. Choose the "Increase Link Clicks" playbook.

  2. Enter the URL of your Shopify homepage or a specific product page.

  3. Enable Conversions and set the Event Name to AddToCart (or Purchases if you aim to track sales).

In your Symphony dashboard, you can now monitor metrics such as cost-per-AddToCart or Purchase. This data will offer insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns and help determine ROI.

If any issues arise or if you have queries about the integration process, please reach out to our support team: [email protected].

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