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⚡️ How to grow faster with Symphony Conversions
⚡️ How to grow faster with Symphony Conversions
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Symphony Conversions is your gateway to next-level digital marketing, utilizing the power of Facebook's Conversions API and Symphony's AI to drive 3-5x better results. Previously reserved for elite marketers, this powerful tool is now available to all artists and creators through Symphony.

By embracing this feature, you can connect with fans who truly resonate with your art, and effortlessly grow your streams, sales, and overall reach. We've simplified the complexities of high-tier ad targeting to put it in the hands of every creator. Here's how to get started:

Step-By-Step Instructions to Activate Symphony Conversions

  1. Link your Facebook Ad Account to Symphony.

    • An ad account is where all your Facebook advertising activities and billing details are stored. With Symphony, you can either link an existing ad account or create a new one directly on our platform.

  2. Link your Pixel to Symphony.

    • A Pixel is a tool that helps you track fan data and measure the effectiveness of your ads. It's powerful for tracking data like clicks, views, or purchases on your website. If your Pixel isn't already connected, you'll receive easy step-by-step instructions on how to link it to your ad account within Symphony.

  3. Generate your Conversions API Access Token through Facebook's Ads Manager and paste it into Symphony.

    • The Conversions API Access Token is a part of Facebook Ads that allows Symphony to send web events from your server directly to Facebook. It enhances your ad's impact on meaningful conversions such as song streams or ticket purchases.

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