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Why was my playlisting campaign denied?
Why was my playlisting campaign denied?
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Symphony's playlisting program is designed to create a tailored experience for both artists and listeners by curating playlists to match the specific interests and preferences of a song's intended fanbase. Our goal is to deliver quality playlists, rather than simply pitching a song to a playlist that would drive streams from random sources or unrelated fanbases. This article will help you understand why your song may have been denied from our playlisting program and provide insights on how to move forward.

Curated Playlist Selection:

When you submit a song to our playlisting campaign via Symphony, our expert curation team reviews your pitch notes and listens to your song. They carefully assess if the song is a suitable fit for the playlisting program, considering factors such as genre, style, and intended audience. If the song meets our criteria, the team proceeds to contact relevant playlists for placement, allowing you to track the progress through the dashboard.

Reasons for Denial:

There are cases where a song might not be a good fit for our playlisting network. This could be due to a lack of available playlists within the song's genre or an inability to produce satisfactory results given the allocated budget. In such instances, the campaign is marked as denied, and you will receive a full refund for your submission.

We understand that rejections can be disappointing; however, they are an essential part of our commitment to maintaining a high-quality, curated playlisting experience. Symphony rejects songs only about 5-10% of the time.

When this occurs, we automatically send you a full refund, allowing you to reallocate your budget to other marketing strategies or seek an alternative playlisting program that may better suit your needs.

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