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Understanding Symphony's Playlist Curation Process
Understanding Symphony's Playlist Curation Process

Adding transparency to the Symphony Playlisting campaign playbook

Updated over a week ago

Playlisting isn't dead at all! You just need a crew who knows their stuff. That's where Symphony comes in.

Pick a package below, send in your song. If it's a match, our team gets to work finding playlists that fit your song's vibe, genre, and style. We aim to get your music in front of the right crowds on Spotify, helping you hit those algorithms in your favor!

We're all about keeping it real. The playlists we work with are checked for genuine, actual listeners. Sure, it might take a bit longer, but every play you get might just be a die-hard fan, not some inactive bot.

Here's how we make sure our playlists are legit:

  1. No wild drops - If a playlist suddenly loses tons of followers in a day, it's likely Spotify cleaning out fake accounts.

  2. Artists people know - Real listeners often start with songs from popular artists before they find a cool, hidden gem like yours.

  3. Engagement check - We look for playlists where the number of streams matches up with the number of listeners, around 1.1-1.3 streams per listener.

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