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Growing Spotify Playlists with Symphony Conversions
Growing Spotify Playlists with Symphony Conversions

A step-by-step guide to maximize your playlist's growth using Symphony's automated ads

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Growing your playlists on Spotify can significantly expand your reach and connect you with new fans. Symphony Conversions offers an "Increase Music Streams" automated marketing playbook specifically designed to drive playlist growth. Here's how to harness this playbook for your Spotify playlist promotion:

1. Choose an Anchor Song

Pick an "anchor" song from your playlist. This will be the song used for the advertisements. Depending on the playlist, select the one that best represents the playlist.

2. Set Up the Playlist Link

  • Navigate to the "Website" tab within Symphony.

  • Click "Links."

  • Select the anchor song.

  • Edit the "Spotify" link to the link of the playlist and hit save.

  • This sets up the direct link to the playlist, enabling users to access it instantly.

3. Set Up Symphony Conversions

  • Go to the "Symphony Conversions", under "Settings" > "Advanced Settings".

  • Follow the provided steps to set up this new targeting feature that unlocks growth.

  • This setup is vital for leveraging Symphony's AI-powered ad targeting to reach audiences who will resonate with your playlist.

4. Follow the "Increase Music Streams" Playbook

  • Select the "anchor" song you've set up the playlist link for.

  • Follow the standard "Increase Music Streams" playbook within Symphony.

  • Select Spotify as the primary DSP (Digital Service Provider) on the streaming links to show.

  • Ensure the playlist link is associated with the anchor song in the Symphony Conversions setup.

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