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How YouTube reviews their video ads
How YouTube reviews their video ads

Learn why your Increase Video Views campaign may have been rejected.

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Symphony's video ads aim to be very easy to use, trustworthy, transparent, and beneficial for artists. Sometimes when a video has certain content in it, YouTube won't let the ads through review.

Here's an overview of the key policies that may affect your advertising efforts on YouTube and other Google platforms. If your video or ads contain any of this, they most likely won't be approved:

1. Prohibited Content and Practices

  • Prohibited Content: Includes harmful content to users and the overall advertising ecosystem.

  • Prohibited Practices: Certain actions are not allowed if you want to advertise with Google.

2. Restricted Content and Features

  • Restricted Content: Content that can be advertised but with limitations.

  • Editorial and Technical: Quality standards for ads, websites, and apps.

3. Enforcement Technologies

  • Google uses a combination of AI and human evaluation to ensure compliance.

  • Actions may be taken against content that violates policies, including disapproving ads or suspending accounts.

4. Appeals and Review Process

5. Specific Policies

  • Counterfeit Goods: Prohibition of sale or promotion of counterfeit items.

  • Dangerous Products or Services: Restrictions on promoting products that cause damage, harm, or injury.

  • Data Collection and Use: Policies on handling user information with care.

  • Misrepresentation: Ads must be clear and honest, without misleading information.

  • Restricted Businesses: Certain businesses are restricted from advertising to prevent user exploitation.

  • Legal Requirements: Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is mandatory.

6. How Google Reviews YouTube Ads

  • Google's review process involves both AI and human evaluation.

  • Complex or severe cases are often reviewed by specially-trained experts.

  • The process ensures that ads comply with quality standards and restrictions.

You can read more on Google's official Ad Review policies page:

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