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What happens if a YouTube ad is not approved?
What happens if a YouTube ad is not approved?

When your video doesn't get past YouTube's ads review status, we try to be clear - and process a full refund for you.

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Using Symphony's "Increase Video Views" playbook, we aim to streamline your YouTube advertising experience. However, sometimes Google Ads' Review can flag videos. Here's how we handle such situations and what you can do next.

Symphony's Transparent Approach to Denials:

  1. Automatic Refunds (3-5 business days): If Google Ads denies your video, don't fret about the budget. Symphony ensures the cost is returned to you. Although we initiate the refund promptly, it may take 3-5 business days to reflect in your account, depending on your payment processor. For further clarity on the timeline, it's best to contact your bank directly, as once we initiate a refund, we don't have visibility into the exact timing.

  2. Clear Communication: We prioritize transparency. When a video is denied, we provide the specific "rejection reason" in your Dashboard and send you an email notification for good measure.

Symphony's Transparent Approach to Denials:

Google Ads maintains stringent guidelines to uphold the quality of ads on its platform. If your content doesn't align with these standards, it may be denied.

Recommended Next Steps:

  1. Choose a Different Video: A different video, closely aligned with Google Ads' criteria, might just be the solution.

  2. Opt for Instagram Ads: If your YouTube video faces challenges, utilize the "Increase Link Clicks" playbook to initiate Instagram Ads. Drive users directly to your YouTube video URL and keep the engagement flowing.

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