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Getting Started on Symphony
Getting Started on Symphony

There’s a lot of ways to get started and start growing your fanbase on Symphony. Here are a few initial steps to take:

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1. 📊 Complete your Dashboard

Connect all of your artist profiles in your Dashboard to track your daily fanbase growth and pull in associated insights.

The more data Symphony has, the more effective audiences we'll be able to generate when it's time to run paid marketing.

2. 🌐 Customize your Website

Your fans can find all of your music through your Website, which you can customize with styles, colors, embedded videos, and more. It's the easiest ways for fans to find your music on their preferred streaming platform

3. 📣 Run your First Campaign

Symphony uses your existing fan data + data from artists in your genre to help you create effective, transparent marketing campaigns for your music, videos, and follower growth.

Here a few ideas on how to get started:

  • Dropping a song soon? Create a pre-save campaign to collect fan emails + locations, drive Spotify algorithmic streams, and grow your Spotify followers.

  • Want to grow Spotify monthly listeners? Drive new fans to your Spotify + Apple Music with our "Increase Music Streams" workflow - Symphony will automatically run Instagram Ads towards over 500 AI-driven audiences to find the right new fans, in the right locations.

  • Just dropped a music video? Run a video views campaign to run highly-targeted ads on YouTube, to drive views, likes, and comments on your video and subscribers on your channel

  • Want to supercharge Instagram follower reach? Boost Instagram engagement and drive new followers to your IG with our "supercharge" tool, which helps drive targeted, cost-effective engagement at 3x the effectiveness of just "Boost"ing a post.

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