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How to edit your website URL
How to edit your website URL
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Keeping your Symphony website's URL up-to-date is essential for maintaining accessibility and ensuring your audience can easily find your content. Here's a straightforward guide to editing your website URL:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Locate the Website Link:

After creating your website in Symphony, you'll find the website link displayed at the top of the page. Look for it near the navigation bar.

Access Editing Options:

Next to the website link, you'll notice a pencil icon. Click on this icon to access the editing options for your website URL.

Edit the URL:

Clicking the pencil icon will bring up a popup window where you can edit the website URL. Simply type in the desired URL, keeping in mind that the maximum character limit is 30.

Note Important Details:

Before finalizing the changes, it's essential to understand a few key points:

Character Limit: Ensure that your new URL does not exceed the maximum character limit of 30.

Old URL Deactivation: Once the website URL has been updated, the old link will no longer work. Inform your audience of the change to avoid any confusion.

Optional: Reset to Original URL:

If you decide to revert to the original URL or make additional adjustments, Symphony provides an option to reset the URL to its original state. This can be useful if you encounter any issues or changes in your website strategy.

Save Your Changes:

After editing the website URL, click the appropriate button to save your changes. This ensures that your new URL is applied and accessible to your audience.


Consistency: Maintain consistency in your website URL to ensure brand cohesion and ease of recognition.

Communicate Changes: Inform your audience of any updates to the website URL to prevent confusion and ensure a seamless transition.

Start Updating!

With these simple steps, you can effortlessly edit your Symphony website URL and keep your audience engaged with your content. If you have any questions or encounter any issues during the process, our support team is always here to assist you. Happy editing!

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