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References of advertising content that work well when running Instagram Ads campaigns

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Best Practices

  • The 5 Second Rule: From our experience, the first 5 seconds of ad content determines whether someone will stop scrolling on their feed and actually watch the ad and click through - or if they keep scrolling and miss the ad entirely. The first 5 seconds of the ad should feature moving scenery, to catch a potential fan’s eye.

  • Quick Cuts: Going with the 5 second rule, we’ve found that ads with quick cuts work relatively well. Think about when you’re scrolling through your IG or TikTok feed - you tend to stop scrolling when a video has something happening on it that catches your eye, and then continue watching if the video is actually compelling.

  • Videos over Images: Videos always perform better than images for ads - as a rule of thumb, always use a video asset for ads. Use a video that’s sized 4x5 for feed (e.g. 1080 x 1350), and 9x16 for story (e.g. 1080 x 1920), and upload both for maximum effectiveness.

  • Make it feel organic: At the end of the day, a potential fan is watching an ad to eventually listen to your song, and become a part of your world - it’s important to make sure you still keep the ad within your creative world. Think about marketing as just putting a megaphone behind the story you’re already telling.

  • No Explicit Content: Make sure you remove swear words, explicit content, or any scenes with smoking - Facebook tends to disapprove those ads during their ad review.

Content Types

There are a few categories of content that work well for ads:

Below you can find examples of these different content types from campaigns that have done well in the past.

Music Video Cuts

TikTok Videos



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