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How one-click Spotify presaves work
How one-click Spotify presaves work

The easiest way to unlock Spotify fan data.

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Introducing One-click Spotify Pre-saves! This feature simplifies the process for your fans to pre-save your upcoming releases on Spotify, while providing you with valuable insights about your fanbase.

What is One-click Spotify Pre-save?

Traditionally, pre-saving a music release on streaming platforms required fans to repeatedly log in. SymphonyOS streamlines this with the One-click Spotify Pre-save feature. With just one click, fans can pre-save your music on Spotify. This not only enhances the fan experience but also provides you, the artist, with crucial data such as the fan's name, email, and location.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using One-click Spotify Pre-saves:

  1. Create a Pre-save:

    • The One-click Spotify Pre-save feature is automatically enabled on SymphonyOS when you create a pre-save.

  2. Fan Interaction:

    • When fans click to pre-save your release on Spotify, SymphonyOS seamlessly opens the Spotify app, logs them in, and pre-saves your release.

  3. Alternate Access for Non-App Users:

    • In case a fan doesn't have the Spotify app, SymphonyOS smartly redirects them to the Spotify login page on their web browser. This ensures that all fans can participate, regardless of whether they have the app installed.

  4. Gather Fan Data:

    • Within five seconds of a fan pre-saving your release, you'll receive their name, email, location, and a Forever Save (once they opt-in). This data is pivotal for building your fanbase and strategizing your marketing efforts.

Current Limitations and Future Plans:

  • As of now, this feature is available only for Spotify and is operational on iOS devices and all social media apps except TikTok.

  • We're excited to announce that we are working towards extending this functionality to Android users and incorporating TikTok support.


The One-click Spotify Pre-save feature is a game-changer for artists on SymphonyOS, offering a more streamlined experience for your fans and valuable insights for you. Embrace this feature to deepen your connection with your fanbase and enhance your marketing strategies.

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